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Rejoining TCA

Membership automatically lapses following a month grace period after your expiration date, but TCA welcomes former members to rejoin!

Thirty five days past your dues date results in a suspension of your membership. You will be able to pay that past due invoice up to 90 days past the expiration date, but any further length of time requires contacting our membership services coordinator to determine the most cost effective membership option.

In such cases, please do NOT use the regular Pay Dues When Billed process online, or send in payment with any old invoice, because as a rejoining member, you have two options:

1. To retain your original TCA Member Number, we will happily reinstate you. Any member rejoining the TCA and desiring to keep his/her original membership number may secure it upon request with the following provisos: 

A. He/She shall not be given past publications for the years missed.
B. His/Her membership file will be noted with the inactive membership time and any annual membership awards or other considerations shall be adjusted to reflect the missing years.

To take advantage of this opportunity, you may either call Maria Penry at the National Business office with your request at 717-687-8623 ext. 101, or email her at
Also note that as a member who previously rejoined but received a new membership number, you may request reinstatement of the old number by making this contact also. She will need your current (new) TCA number, as well as your full name to look up your old number.
You may send this by check/money order or call with a credit card number. If you mail in your request, we will need your full name and a note of what you are doing in order to find you in the database. This is not a feature that is available online, as it requires some special processing. 

You will then receive a new card in the mail with your old number and your current expiration date.

2. To simply join anew, you can pay one full year's dues and be treated as a new member. You will receive a new TCA Member Number. No old publications will be provided, and any previous membership years or rights will not be applicable. You can do this here online or by contacting the Membership Coordinator as described below. 

For any clarification, please call TCA's Membership Services Coordinator at 717 687-8623 extension 101. We will explain these options, make arrangement for your payment, and welcome you back to the ranks of our valued members! You may also email us at and we will call you back.

Train Collectors Association Mission Statement:
"To develop an appreciation of and to preserve an important segment of history - Tinplate Toy Trains - through research, education, community outreach, fellowship, establishment of collecting standards, and to promote the growth and enjoyment of collecting and operating toy, model and scale trains."

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